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Jacob's Story

Jacob's journey began in November of 2012.  It was the day after Thanksgiving when we took Jacob to the clinic due to persistent symptoms that had occurred over the course of the previous two weeks.  He felt tired all the time, had bruising, and had also lost his appetite.  After running blood work, the doctor at the clinic advised us to pack a bag and go immediately to Methodist Children's Hospital in San Antonio.  After running all test, the doctor's diagnosis came back as Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.  We tried to keep it together for Jacob's sake but we were devastated.  And so his journey began.  

He went through aggressive treatment.  He was a great warrior and stayed positive through it all.  Jacob never lost his sense of humor and he quickly made friends with all the doctors and nurses. His life revolved around in and out hospital and clinic visits, numerous blood transfusions, being sick all the time and staying isolated as he continued through standard treatment.

After about eight months of intensive treatment, he was in remission and started his maintenance phase.  In August of 2013, he was able to return to 7th grade.  During this time, he attended school and would miss class during scheduled clinic visits about every six weeks.  He continued receiving mild chemo and his treatment consisted of many pills.  No matter what, he was having a blast at school trying to be a normal pre-teen despite all he had to endure.  He did not like to let anyone know he had cancer. 

Unfortunately, in December of 2014, he began to feel ill again.  We ended up at the hospital on New Year's Eve and after extensive testing, we received the news his cancer was back.  Jacob had relapsed.  His leukemia returned and we were devastated to hear those words.  He began with intensive chemo to get him back to remission.  The doctors knew he was going to need a bone marrow transplant in order to beat this.  Before he could receive his transplant, Jacob had to receive radiation treatment which was so hard on this body.  After many challenges along the way, Jacob underwent his bone marrow transplant on May 30, 2015.  He spent two months in the hospital.  The transplant was a success but as we were getting discharged, we noticed a few suspicious bumps on this chest.  After testing those bumps, leukemia cells were discovered. 


Doctors continued to treat him as best as they could but this leukemia was very aggressive.  Jacob continued to fight, never losing hope and enjoying the life that he so much loved.  He continued to display his huge smile and had a faithful and encouraging spirit.  His battle ended on October 31, 2015.


He was at home surrounded by his family.  His last breath here on earth was his first one in heaven.  His story has been encouraging to many.  He displayed all the qualities of a mighty Warrior.  Never giving up, encouraging and loving others, holding on to hope, and remaining faithful till the end.  He fought the Good fight! 

"Courage doesn't always roar, sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow." Mary Anne Radmacher

Our Mission

  • Care Packages - Our packages are filled with fun things to keep the patients occupied during long hospital stays as well as necessary items.

  • Fun Social Activities - Different fun activities are planned quarterly during the year at the Children's Cancer and Blood Center while patients are receiving chemo treatments.  

  • Legos & Blankets - We spread lots of joy with legos and our very own tie blankets.  The patients love these!

  • Financial Assistance - Financial grants are provided for families in need during this difficult time.  The financial burden is huge when your child is diagnosed with cancer.  Our grants consist of $550 per family once a year which help with utilities, rent, co-payments, prescriptions, parking fees, lodging, meals or anything unexpected that may arise. At this time the grants are coordinated through the social workers.  We sometimes receive personal nominations as well.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To continue partnering with families battling childhood cancer because no one should have to fight alone.

We will continue this by ......

Jumping into action in helping families when needed

Actively inviting the community in becoming a WARRIOR within our specific mission

Communicating with families and helping in their need of assistance

Organizing and creating events to keep our mission alive

Being a foundation that can make an impact in children's lives as they undergo treatments

We Need Your Support Today!

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