OUR Mission

  • Delivering care packages for children/teens who are newly diagnosed


  • Bringing awareness to childhood cancer through community events

  • Helping families affected with childhood cancer by providing financial assistance

  • Creating an uplifting environment for patients through special activities while at the clinic/hospital

Our Founder

 About Jacob

Jacob's Ladder Foundation was founded in 2015 from a dream that Jacob had. His dream was to be able to help kids through their journey since he knew exactly what they were going through.  He had a huge loving heart towards others and loved connecting with people. . . 

Jacob J. Ceniseros was just a normal 14 year old kid. He loved playing football, chatting on Xbox with his friends, and the Dallas Cowboys. One day his life took an unexpected turn but that never stopped him from spreading joy. . . . . 

Jacob's Dream


We are committed!

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