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Bring it...the Fun that is!

August 9, 2016

What do you do when you are stuck in the hospital for weeks at a time?  What about at the clinic when your appointment takes all day?  Any ideas?  What if we are talking about a child or a teenager?  Yes, that makes a difference.  For us adults it might be a little easier being that we are always too busy and sometimes would love some quiet time.  Not that being at the hospital would give us quiet time but I wanted you to see there is a difference when it comes to children or teens.  They don't want to be stuck in a room all day.  They want to be out with their friends having fun.  Unfortunately, most of these children do not have that option.  While Jacob was going through his battle with cancer, we had to spend so much time either at the clinic or hospital.  The Art Therapist and Child Life Specialist are great at keeping these children engaged in some type of fun activity.  Whether it's watching a movie, drawing, playing some games or even just talking to them by sharing a joke or two and really seeing how they are doing.  Sometimes it can be difficult to provide Fun depending on the resources they have at the time.

During Jacob's long hospital stays, he was introduced to "Dances with Wood" wood building projects.  Love the catchy name?  Jacob loved to put things together so you can imagine how much fun he had.  


Here is a picture with some of his projects.  He didn't like to paint them because he liked how the natural wood looked but he thoroughly enjoyed putting them together. 


Through Jacob's Ladder Foundation, we were able to donate some kits so that all kids can have fun also! This is a great activity to fill in some of the time and share it with a parent or a sibling.  It's an activity that can be done together.  I know Jacob enjoyed to make these with his dad and his Art Therapist.  He never really wanted me to help him.  I was always his last option because he knew I wasn't great at putting things together.  


We wanted to thank Woody at Dances with Wood for helping us by doubling our donation.  He donated some kits as well as some tool kits that are needed to put these projects together.  This is such a great program and I am thankful Jacob was able to experience some joy while making these.  We now have them and the special memories we made with Jacob while he was here.  That is something so special and it couldn't happen without this great program.  We hope to continue to sponsor Methodist Children's Hospital along with Children's Cancer & Blood Center.


 Thank you all who are a part of this through your donations to Jacob's Ladder Foundation.  You are all considered friends and are a huge part of bringing the fun to these children.  Enjoy the rest of the pictures!





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