Our Mission- Helping Kids Climb Back to the Top, One Step At A Time 

Care Packages

One of the ways we want to help families is by providing care packages for the children while in the hospital.  Sometimes you can be in the hospital for weeks or even months at a time. The care packages will include games, books, cards to play UNO or Go Fish, hats, socks and night lights.  From our experience, you can get pretty bored after being there for so long.  We are hoping the families can use these items when they are admitted to the hospital and be able to bring them to the hospital every time. The care packages will come in a drawstring backpack so it will be easy to transport. Blankets will also be provided and Legos. 

Fun Social Activities

We help families by providing Fun activities while they are in the hospital or clinic. The clinc visits can be long and tiring. We want to be able to bring the outside world in. We plan quarterly activities that they may not otherwise be able to do. For the families, providing a tray of snacks or a meal tray helps a lot because then they can focus on their child and if they want a snack they would not have to go far to get it. When you are going through treatments a lot of the times you cannot be around big crowds of people so we hope to bring outside activities that will bring a smile to their face.  

Financial Assistance

One of the biggest challanges when a child gets diagnosed with cancer is the financial burden.  Parents have to make tough decisions on how they are going to be able to care for their child and at the same time be able to deal with all the financial issues.  We help alliviate some of this burden by providing financial assistance.  Our financial grant consist of $550 per family once a year to help with whatever they may need. It may be used to  help with utilities, rent, co-payments, prescriptions, parking fees, lodging, meals while at the hopsital or clinic, anything that may come up. As we grow, we intend to increase that amount.  

These are some of the basic needs that we want to provide.  Our vision and the needs are so much greater.  Eventually we want to be able to have a parent to parent network.  As you go through this journey, there will be times that you wish there could be someone to talk to or someone that is able to listen to you and be able to know exactly what you are dealing with. Again, when a child gets diagnosed with cancer, it not only affects them but the whole family.  We hope that through Jacob's Ladder Foundation we are able to help families as much as we possibly can.  Thank you so much for believing in our vision and joining our mission.              

We are currently servicing South Texas beginning with Methodist Children's Hospital in San Antonio, TX.  For assistance please contact your social worker.  We currently accept financial applications through them no matter what hospital.  We hope to be able to expand and help in different cities as we grow.