Jacob's Dream

Jacob's Ladder Foundation came to life on November of 2015.  While undergoing his treatments, Jacob was very concerned about all the other children that he would see go in and out of the clinic and hospital.  He knew that he was blessed to have such great people in his life that gave him so much needed support.  He often asked both of us, "How do you think we can help other children?"  And so his dream began. He came up with the name "Jacob's Ladder" and he also came up with the mission statement, "Helping Kids Climb Back to the Top One Step At A Time".   Unfortunately, we were extremely busy with Jacob due to his treatments and his bone marrow transplant that we were unable to work on starting the foundation while he was here with us.  We are happy and excited that his dream is coming to life!  Through the foundation, we will bring joy and laughter to the children in the hospital just as Jacob wanted.  We also are going to be able to help families with financial assistance as the hospital stays can be extensive and long.  Our mission is huge, but with God's help and yours, it is not impossible.  

Meet The Team

Photo Credit: JD Kiefer

Oscar & Sandra

President/ Vice-President


Gene & Sue Bedingfield
Board Member/ Treasurer

Sonia Ramon

Will & Sarah Haltom
Board Members


Jumping into action in helping families battling childhood cancer


Actively inviting the community in becoming a WARRIOR within this specific mission



Communicating with families and helping in their need of assistance



Organizing and creating events to keep our mission alive in "Helping Kids Climb Back To The Top, One Step At A Time"



Being a foundation that can make an impact in children's lives as they undergo treatments