Jacob Kellogg
Jacob's Ladder Foundation

Jacob’s Ladder Foundation was created to honor and preserve the memory of Jacob Kellogg, a 15 year-old high school student who died unexpectedly in his sleep from a medical condition associated with his asthma. Jacob had a genuine passion for music and history and had developed a real talent for writing short stories and poetry. In addition to being a straight-A student, Jacob was also an avid hunter and card player.

To honor his memory, Jacob’s family and friends have organized this Foundation to provide two types of scholarship opportunities to kids in need. The first is to benefit students at his high school (Belleville East in Belleville, IL) that not only have a legitimate financial need, but also demonstrate a real aptitude in Music, English, Debate or other Liberal Arts related disciplines.

The second is to benefit 8th grade students at his middle school (Wolf Branch in Swansea, IL) who display a genuine interest in attending the annual Washington, D.C. trip, but lack the financial means to attend. We hope that you will support this very worthwhile charity by making a donation online.